Medical Micro-Needling

Professional micro-needling therapy, performed by Dr Botha, is a minimally invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation.

Treatment Areas

  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Loose or lax skin.
  • Skin texture and large pores.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Depigmentation
  • Mild to moderate acne scarring
    (old and new scars).

What is Skin Micro-Needling

Micro-needling or collagen induction therapy is a minimally invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation. A micro-needling device with fine needles is used to create a controlled skin injury.

The controlled injury causes the body to react by producing collagen and new capillaries. This will then assist to improve skin texture, firmness and hydration. **

** Research & Journals

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International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine


The Procedure

Before the treatment a numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort during the treatment which can take up to an hour per session * depending on the area needing to be treated. After the treatment there may be dryness, redness and swelling which can last a couple of days after the session.

The number of treatments needed vary from patient to patient and depend on each individual’s skin condition or ailment.



Micro-needling can assist to improve skin texture and I have found that it also aids to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.* You may decide to repeat the treatment every 4-6 weeks. In my practice working with patients, I have found the treatment to be safe for all skin types . Results and expectations can be discussed during your first appointment.

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